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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Advising my Younger Sister

                         Well , I have been chatting with my younger sister and talking about life lately. I'm away from my family since I'm attending college from another state far from them.  The thing is, my younger sister lets call her in a pseudo-name Yumeno is acting like the "Me" in her age. Stubborn, secretive and boyish. Stubborn because of the pressure in family but there just one difference with me and her on the other side, she won't listen to advises no matter how many examples you tell her unlike me that thinks before I speak. We talked about women first. English is not our native language just endure our grammar mistakes if you have seen one.

                 I just don't like to see her choke on those words when life didn't go on her way just because she says so especially if she did those to others, that can hurt her. As a sister I'd like to change that attitude just to avoid her looking like a fool in the future.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ms. Shamcey Supsup of the Philippines!

The image is all about Ms. Shamcey Supsup wearing the cultural dress of women in the Philippines. She wears a Baro't Saya which is use by Filipino women during the Spanish colonial period. I like this photo of her because it really looks elegant and very stunning along with her graceful smile.  

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Best Cosplayer I've ever seen!

Well you see as I was browsing to my facebook  an online cosplay contest held by the Otaku House caught my attention and then I look to the pictures and its really amazing how much the leading cosplayers really resembles the cartoon or anime character that they are portraying .The picture shown above is Cori Templeton of Texas, USA; portraying San of Princess Mononoke. I kinda like this picture because it gives me the peaceful feeling. The shot is good the lighting is really calm. If she is a doll I would like to bought one. She is so beautiful! With that angelic face of her the photo really turn great!!!

You might as well see the other 29 who are leading the  Top 30 North America Cosplay in Album E. Some of it will give you a good laugh:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What to Do??? (॓_॔)

             Well as you can see guys my blog is not that very interesting to read yet. So I am planning whether I will post my drawings or just post a short story every time I will visit my blog. I am only starting my blog this year and I hope by next year it will entertain many reader and bloggers who are visiting my blog. There is a saying;" Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." ~David Frost                                                             
              Still I'm starting to like this whole blogging-thing  already ;3 But right know, I need to find materials that will help me entertain bloggers not only from my country but also the whole world ^-^

Sunday, August 21, 2011


WARNING: Do not poke the penguin below my blog! Its your own risk.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Girl on the Street!

    Once, there was a girl, and the girl was there. She never leave her place not even changing her position, days had passed and she didn't still moved to her current state, weeks have passed still no progress, months have passed by and yet her situation is the same, the year have passed already and she's still on her silly position on that dark side of the ally. You know why???
      The truth is she's dead. She died because of loneliness. Back when she was still alive she would only sit in here usual place waiting for someone to approach her but because of her situation no one dared to try talk to her.She never felt to be a human, never felt happiness, to be loved by her own family, never experienced friendship, never felt being cared by someone and not even caring for someone.What t she only know is sadness. A strike of pain that suddenly turns into a big hole in her heart.
     Now her soul became a ghost that would haunt the dark alley where she also died. Her soul can't put to rest.She didn't know why is her suffering still wont end when she already died. 
      One late evening there's a man who happens to pass by the alley going home. This is only his first time walking in this part of town. He is'nt sure of this alley but he still continue walking through the dark alley as he gets nearer and nearer to the the side where the girl died. He would hear the screeching sound gets louder and louder behind him. His body feels cold and felt his hair on his back stands-up.
        As he felt that the eerie feeling were arising, he quickly made his way through the only post of light of that alley so that he could see whose following him behind. When he turn his head to see who is stalking him behind, he sees a dark shadow that runs so fast  as if it tries to escape on something. He was so shocked when he saw the knife on the ground that is probably from the person who supposedly going to steel his money after killing him. But  the question is? What made the killer run away just like that? 
         He turns back again while his head is full of uncertainty to what just happened now. As he turn his head, the girl is standing in front of him. Because of the unexpected appearance he shouted a really unexpected words which he would not usually use. But after coming into his sense he felt sorry for the girl seeing how she looks like, her dirty white dress were so grumpy and she looks like she haven't been eating all week(that makes her skinny) and with those crumpled hair that hadn't been washed for a long time. Seeing that he had a bag of food he got the biggest and tastiest bread he had and give it to the girl for her to eat. The girl also accept the bread without saying a word but the man didn't mind because he taught that this might be the reason why does the killer tried to run away. He thinks that the girl is a ghost. While he talking through his mind he suddenly forgot to go home already. 
      When he realize it he says goodbye to the girl, still the girl didn't response. When he gets home he thought that his debt to the girl is so big that it didn't satisfied him by just giving the girl a big and tastiest bread he had so he decided to return and visit the girl to that place again. The next day he came back to the same place where he met the girl and look for her but there's no sign of her all over that place so he went home and decided to come back tomorrow. Three days had passed and there are no signs of a girl staying on that alley and he thought that the time that he met the girl is at night and maybe if he could try going there at night and he might see her. One night he decided to take the path of the dark alley to try if he could see that poor girl. As he walks to the dark alley he could see that there is something moving on the side of the alley where he met the girl. As he gets closer and closer he could recognize that the moving figure is the girl from the last time. He greeted her with a big smile and asked her if he could know the name of the girl but there were only silence. After a long break of silence the girl had finally talk and told him that she didn't have a name. A long paused of silence had appeared to their conversation. The boy had realize that their conversation is going down so he started a new conversation and decided to name the girl "Hina". The girl didn't expect that someone would care to give her a name for once in her whole life he never expected that she will never had a name, a sudden flow of tears had rush into her face from the watery eyes that was covered by her hair. The man get shock when he saw the girl cries he didn't know what to do so he ask her why is she crying. Hana stop crying then wipe her tears and reply to him, she never have a name and didn't expect that someone would give her a name. The boy smiles because he had able to make the girl happy. Hana ask him if why is he talking to her and why not leave her alone? The boy replied, its because i have a debt to pay you. Then why don't you leave now? You already paid too much by giving me a name. You had accomplished your duty....*continuation*