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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Advising my Younger Sister

                         Well , I have been chatting with my younger sister and talking about life lately. I'm away from my family since I'm attending college from another state far from them.  The thing is, my younger sister lets call her in a pseudo-name Yumeno is acting like the "Me" in her age. Stubborn, secretive and boyish. Stubborn because of the pressure in family but there just one difference with me and her on the other side, she won't listen to advises no matter how many examples you tell her unlike me that thinks before I speak. We talked about women first. English is not our native language just endure our grammar mistakes if you have seen one.

                 I just don't like to see her choke on those words when life didn't go on her way just because she says so especially if she did those to others, that can hurt her. As a sister I'd like to change that attitude just to avoid her looking like a fool in the future.

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